CEREC is a computer assisted method to reconstruct the anatomic tooth structure in high performance and esthetic ceramics.

The method was developed by Professor W. Mörmann and Doctor M. Brandestini at the university of Zürich in the year 1980.

First patients were treated with this method at the same university as early as 1985. It combines the techniques of modern adhesive dentistry with utrarapid manufacturing of inlays, onlays, partial crowns, veneers and full ceramic crowns in the frontal and lateral dentition.

Latest scientific studies show, that the success rate of of CEREC reconstructions are 95% at ten years follow up and 90% at 18 years follow up. It is today one of the best and reliable reconstruction methods in 21st century dentistry.

The Cerec system evolves constantly. Today it has become possible to not only manufacture ceramic inlays, onlays and full and partial crowns but also temporary resin bridges.

Dr. Rüdiger Hartmann works with CEREC since the year 2000 and holds a diploma as a Cerec instructor. Your advantage is the considerable reduction of treatment time and costs and the realization of a reliable and highly esthetic tooth restoration in a single session with only one anesthesia and without the need to take an impression with a putty material but rather with a camera.

ce2 ceramic CEREC partial crown